Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Exeter College

Today I am at Exeter College and I am delivering two workshops on Web 2.0 and the iPod touch.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Reflections on audioboo

Is it dependent on students having iphones? This could be problematic

Reflections on audioboo

A really useful way to get messages out to students


has it updated?

Cutting Edge Ferriday

I'm so cutting edge I just hurt myself...I used to get my old 7407 students to write their reflective journals on a blog if they could...ouch!


It can be used to enable communications for trainees studying on different sites/campuses or universities/colleges

Just another post

Just a test if this could be suspenseful…

It depends…


It can be used in teacher training for trainees to keep a record of their teaching practice

It's my birthday today

Having fun on my birthday!!

Never had been here

It just works :-)

Teaching the teacher...

Methods of interaction and communication with less autocratic or hierachical structures may empower those who might otherwise be intimidated or be wary of 'advertising' their thoughts. This in turn may open up new sources of critique and comment and scrutiny which would otherwise not be apparent to a teacher in a traditional learning environment.

Using blogs to support teaching and learning

Learners who do not attend college or university on a daily basis can keep in touch with their peers and exchange ideas, information and get help and support.

Using blogs for Teaching & Learning

Enabling student reflection


Useful for students who are on placement to record their reflections!
send out learner reminders...
send out reminders for key dates...

Never been on a blog before!

Hello, I've never done this before and I've also learnt what a blog is!